Book our wine cellar for an intimate party evening

Our wine cellar is available for you to hold a special party for you and your friends between Wednesday through to Sunday. £150 for hire (exclusive to you and your family and friends) to book the cellar we require a £50 non re-fundable deposit. If you want to hire the cellar FOC we would need you and your group to spend a minimum of £250 behind the bar. We would require a £100 non refundable deposit and we would start a tab for you and your group and would require this to reach a minimum of £250, to allow the free hire. Once your tab of £250 is reached you can then set up an open bar (ie all guests pay for their own drinks). Food can be supplied from our menu, we would require 7 days notice. If you would like to organise your own catering please advise. All deposits would be refunded at the end of the night.

Contact us at or text or call Alan on 07854 135335


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